Helsinki, a city of newcomers

Although I was born in Helsinki, I still think that by nature, this is a city of newcomers.

People move here for work or for their studies, to reach their goals or to achieve their dreams. With this stream of new arrivals comes a hopefulness that makes developing this city very inspiring.

I want to work towards a Helsinki that builds new homes, schools and day care centres. Our schools and daycare centres offer consistent high-quality education and attentive care in all areas of the city. It is a point of pride for Helsinki that our children are well looked after regardless of the neighbourhood they happen to live in.

A growing city populated by people from all walks of life is an attractive place for companies to invest in as well.

Climate change will be tackled in cities. I want to be in charge of a Helsinki that leads by example. A city that demonstrates that it is possible to cut emissions, construct more becoming urban areas, achieve goals together, and to tend to those members of the community that have faced hardship in life.

The Helsinki of tomorrow will be decided on now.

About Electing a Mayor for Helsinki

During the municipal elections of 2017, the city of Helsinki will adopt a new administrative model. This means that choosing the leaders of our city, including the mayor, will for the first time be carried out in accordance with election results. The Greens support this model, called The Mayoral Model. Under The Mayoral Model, municipal decision making will be both more transparent and more democratic. The model also ascertains that city administration will be held responsible for election results and citizens of Helsinki can vote for new leaders in democratic elections.

The impact of the municipal elections held in April is further amplified by Helsinki adopting The Mayoral Model. The inhabitants of Helsinki will then have more clout than ever before. The public is then able to decide on who leads our city and into which direction the new  mayor will lead the city.

The Greens have been a major political party in Helsinki for a long time and municipal changes in the past few years have been furthered first and foremost by our initiative. By enthusiastic campaigning, it is possible in this Spring’s elections that The Greens are backed by the public as the city’s majority party. This would lead to the mayoral candidate of The Greens to be chosen as the city’s mayor.