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Parliament Election of 2007

thumb_sinnemki_net_99412juliste.jpgI’m a 33 year old Member of Parliament and co-chairperson of the Green League from Helsinki. I live with my daughter Siiri in Alppila in Helsinki. My education is Bachelor of Arts, Russian literature.

I have worked in the Parliament since 1999, especially in the Finance Committee, but also in the Environment Committee, Defence Committee and the Grand Committee.

I’m extremely motivated and enthusiastic about continuing the work for a happier and a more ecological Finland.

In the Parliament Election of 2007 this Spring I want to pay attention to the following four topics:

1. We need more Time, not material Things

The excessive use of natural wealth is not a key to happiness. Instead of material things we need more time for our nearest and dearest and for other important issues. In the new Parliament I want to carry out a way of politics that builds a sustainable and fair economy. The forests, rich in species, in southern Finland, need to be protected and the growth of energy consumption that increases the climate change must be kept under control.

2. Prospering is for everybody

The increased prosperity of the society has to become a part of all lives in Finland. The basic security of families with children, students, unemployed and pensioners has to increase. I will do all in my power to make the life of part-time employees and those who work on grants better; they deserve to get under the same social security umbrella than others. The health politics has to be fairer. The income disparity is a long tradition in Finland, and there is no reason to abandon it.

3. Culture is a Part of Wellbeing

Common cultural experiences and public spaces build a good society. Libraries, theatres and Finnish movies don’t appear by themselves. I want that culture gets enough financing so that it can touch and move people even in the future.

4. The World in Finland

The gap between the rich and the poor is growing. At the same time, more and more Finnish people move around in the world than ever before. People even come to Finland to work for short-time projects, to join their loved ones and some come as refugees. I want a Finland, which will put at least 0,7% to development cooperation. I want a Finland where both engineers of Nokia and refugees from Afghanistan are equally welcome.

Furthermore there are many important things that the Parliament decides. Among others, the following ones I will continue to work strongly for:

Increased student allowance
Sipoonkorpi-forest has to be protected
Adoption within the family
An ecological tax reform
The use of primates as research animals must be stopped

You can find out from my calendar where I am and when you can meet me.

My Parliament Election Campaign is run by a support team , into which you are cordially invited. Please contact the co-ordinator of the Campaign Ms. Liisa Selvenius, liisa.selvenius@helsinki.fi or +358 50 410 4201, she is happy to give you further information if you want to be on the mailing list or if you want to join the support team.


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