The Builder of Bridges

Anni Sinnemäki – the Green Candidate for the Mayor of Helsinki

Helsinki has survived a great deal throughout its history. We have been living a truly exceptional time for over a year now, but together we’ll get the city on its feet again. Now is the time to build sustainably, mend wounds and bridge the gaps, assist those about to fall by the wayside during this state of emergency.

By what means will I, as the mayor, start to resolve the situation?

I see that it is best to create work sustainably and invest in a way that supports our climate goals. For the young people, a year in the shadow of coronavirus has been exceptionally tough. We need to create hope and opportunities for them especially. My goal is for Helsinki to become the most humane capital in the world in recovering from this pandemic.

We should not try to restore things as they were before, but boldly build a new Helsinki that revives in a climate-sustainable way and returns as an internationally attractive capital city – a city where it’s easy to come to visit, study, work and start a business. At the same time, we make Helsinki into a city where it’s easy and comfortable to live a good life also in terms of climate.

Cities have been a major stage for the pandemic and the encounters of people is something we’ve had to limit in particular. I am convinced that, as inventive, interesting and equitable places, cities will recover from this. While building its own recovery, Helsinki should learn from other capitals and follow carefully what is happening elsewhere. In this programme, the rebuilding of Helsinki in the coming years will be based on three pillars: humanity and equality, the creation of vitality and jobs, and the building of an uncompromisingly climate-sustainable city.

In my mayoral programme, I present solutions for Helsinki’s recovery from the corona pandemic and the fight against the climate change:

The most humane city recovering from the pandemic

  • Low-threshold help for mental health and well-being
  • Addressing youth distress and connecting with with every adolescent
  • Investing in education
  • First job for every young person in Helsinki

A vibrant and imaginative Helsinki suited for trial and error

  • Raising the culture and event sector back to its feet
  • More international professionals and labour migration
  • More enjoyable and vibrant city center
  • Ambitious rail investments
  • Adequate amount of affordable housing
  • Developing suburbs and urban districts all around the city

A city that takes climate and diversity crises seriously

  • Bringing forward Helsinki’s closure of coal plants
  • New nature reserves every year